On the Benefits of Live-Streaming Your Parish's Holy Mass

Technology isn't going away. Neither is Moly Mass. How can they work together to build Christ's Kingdom?

We have discussed the main risk to live-streaming Mass before on this blog: that people will confuse it with the real thing and substitute coming physically with the digital version. But it is not the real Mass. For even though prayer transcends time and space, Christ intended to be with us physically in the Incarnation and Eucharist.

However, Kephas would not be in the business of life streaming Mass if it were not beneficial. Below I list some of the benefits we see:

  1. Prayer DOES transcend time and space. This means that those in the congregation who cannot attend physically can pray in the vicarious way with the community. This is especially helpful for the aged, the sick, and even for those who could not otherwise attend daily Mass because of work.
  2. You may be able to broadcast other content besides Mass on the same channel. This could include catechesis for parishioners, parish announcements, and even a basic course in singing!
  3. People beyond the borders of your geographical area may come to know of the parish and decide to move nearby.
  4. Having an online following establishes a new means for the parish to receive donations.
  5. The cost is minimal and can help keep a parish community together during these hard times of 'social distancing.'

If you are interested in life-streaming, take a look at our service called Remote Church. We guide you through the entire process: from knowing nothing and possessing no equipment to training and hardware for the highest quality stream available.

Five Websites for Live-streaming Catholic Masses